Our Collective Impact

Our Collective Impact

Our Collective Impact

When it comes to our educational system, cradle through career, Flagstaff is program rich and infrastructure poor.  We have many good programs and organizations working hard to solve local education problems.

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Working in silos and competing for the same pool of resources, these efforts have produced mixed results. The data shows that this lack of infrastructure has created opportunity gaps and disparities that prevent our kids from reaching their full potential.

This is why many of these existing stakeholder organizations came together and formed LAUNCH Flagstaff with the shared objective of creating a culture of world-class education for all our children, from the time they are born through their career.  Collective Impact is the framework from which we will achieve success.


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The five fundamental principles of Collective Impact

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Colored pencils in a circle LAUNCH Flagstaff So who are the organizations and individuals who are working together to make this collective impact?