Our Mission

Our Mission

Creating a Community-Wide Culture of World-Class Education

Perhaps nothing so characterizes the health of a community as the opportunities for its youngest members to learn. Great teachers and schools, great libraries and museums, a wealth of engagement in cultural/artistic events and physical activities, an excitement about science, technology, engineering and math, and a network of supportive adults, provide children and young adults with the skills and perspectives that open the world to them.

LAUNCH GraphicNot all communities can offer this array of learning riches, but Flagstaff can.

This is why LAUNCH Flagstaff seeks to raise the bar and create a culture of world-class education for all our children, from the time they are born through their career.

The problem is that Flagstaff is program rich and infrastructure poor.  We have many good programs and organizations often working in silos in a way that produces mixed results. The data shows that this lack of infrastructure has created opportunity gaps and disparities that prevent our kids from reaching their full potential.

We accept that supporting our kids’ education is not just the responsibility of our schools. It takes an entire community; individuals coming together, working toward shared goals that build on existing community resources and using data to identify and fund what really works in making measurable change in student success.

Colored pencils in a circle LAUNCH FlagstaffNow, let us show you how our approach is different than anything you might have seen before.