World Class Education

Group of graduates smiling at us LAUNCH Flagstaff

World Class Education


When people think of what a “world class education” means to them, they often struggle to put it into words, usually resigning to say something like, “I’ll know it when I see it.”  For the partners of LAUNCH Flagstaff, that’s not good enough.  Our collective intention is rooted in knowing the meaning of this phrase.  So after much thought and continuing discussion, the partners have agreed on this definition, for now.

Every student prepared for every opportunity.

And more specifically it is…

  • A student-centered, holistic system of performance-based learning that
    • facilitates personal mastery over time of relevant content and social-emotional skills,
    • empowers critical thinking, self-advocacy and creative expression with
    • collaborative problem-solving and respectful discourse that
    • values diversity through multi-cultural literacy and a global perspective.


Colored pencils in a circle LAUNCH FlagstaffNow take a deeper dive and learn more about our mission and how we intend to create a culture of world-class education for every child in Flagstaff.