Expanding High Quality Preschool

Expanding High Quality Preschool

Expanding High-Quality Preschool in Flagstaff – 2019

Why preschool matters

High-quality preschool can:

  • Increase school readiness for children entering into kindergarten
  • Increase educational attainment especially for children of low-income households
  • Increase earning potential once in the workforce
  • Increase health and wellbeing
  • Improve family and parenting skills
  • Increase the availability of parents to work or invest in personal development during the day.

As a result, high quality preschool can decrease:

  • Poverty
  • Crime
  • Social services costs
  • Healthcare costs

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“The report highlights an important opportunity to improve school readiness for all of our community’s children. Exciting synergies with other community initiatives have also been identified, enabling collaborative and sustainable enhancements in wellbeing for the whole child and family.”

Mark Carroll, M.D.
The NARBHA Institute


“The latest proposal from LAUNCH Flagstaff offers yet another positive step forward for our community. If the city is serious about providing a world-class education, it is essential that we invest in better preparation for our youngest citizens. This preschool expansion promises to fill a gap that has too many students starting school already behind. We can do better, and here is a solid start.”

Daniel L. Kain, PhD
Professor, College of Education
Northern Arizona University


“Children who begin school behind generally stay behind. High quality early childhood education is a springboard for academic and social success cradle through career.”

Risha VanderWey, Superintendent
Coconino County Superintendent of Schools


“A high quality preschool program increases kindergarten readiness for the children of our most vulnerable population.  This helps ensure equitable access to a world class educational experience for all students.”

Patrice Horstman


“Having our community reach this point in the education of our young people has taken many years of hard work and the commitment of many individuals and organizations.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain the importance that expanding access to high-quality preschool can have for the children in our community.”

Julianne E. Hartzell


“Developing a system of early childhood education for the pre-K children in Flagstaff is a long-term issue for some of us and I’m excited that the City is approaching a role in providing a permanent structure for Flagstaff’s young families.  Flagstaff has the unfortunate combination of lower salaries and higher housing costs.  If a young couple is planning on raising a family, the squeeze is increased by the decision whether or not the mother stays at home or works.  The City of Flagstaff clearly could improve this vital area of concern for young families.  Excellent child care with trained personnel is rare and expensive, but with coordinated community investment we will be preparing the next generation of Flagstaff residents to be productive and happy.  This would be good for the entire city and its citizens.”

Harriet H. Young
NAU retired